Rowland Jones

  • Solist   /   Manchester
  • #Americana #Akustisch #Blues
  • Hat Ähnlichkeiten mit Mose Allison, John Martyn, Jim Croce, Bill Withers
  • 2 verifizierte Auftritte

Preisangabe €150 - €600

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Rowland Jones, Americana, Akoestisch, Blues soloartist

People have said that my music reminds them of writers as incredibly diverse as Mose Allison, John Martyn, Jim Croce Ron Sexsmith and Bill Withers!— how good is that? I stared playing the blues back in the late 60's but since I've played country rock, funk, jazz and all sorts of stuff! A couple of friends described my music as 'soulful Americana'. Have recently recorded an album with producer Nigel Stonier (Thea Gilmore, Fairport Convention, Waterboys) on bass, guitars, keyboards and Ukulele, together with pedal steel player CJ Hillman - voted U.K. Americana musician of the year 2017 - and legendary drummer Paul Burgess (10cc, Jethro Tull, Chris Farlowe)
PS I've put my fee from £150 upwards as this site only allows you to register in one way whereas I can work as a solo artist, duo, trio or quartet. - tell me what you want and we can get it together! Same goes for the length of performance !


New Start, New Day

Too much to do

Blue ain't just the colour


Durch am 19/07/2018

Rowland Jones has performed for Papillon Promotions on several occasions over the last few years. He has always been an absolute pleasure to work with on a professional level. In terms of performance I have been fortunate enough to see him as a solo artist, duo, and with a
full band set up: each ensemble offering something a little different to the listener. His vast knowledge of music, and years spent honing the craft mean that he has the skill and dexterity to effortlessly adapt to any given type of audience and venue size. His style has its foundations in the old style Blues, but is blended perfectly with a great awareness and understanding of the modern contemporary song and form.

Durch am 18/07/2018

Rowland Jones is a performer of the highest standard, making even the most sophisticated pieces seem so easy to play, and always a pleasure to hear.


Rowland Jones, Americana, Akoestisch, Blues soloartist

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Gigstarter über Rowland Jones

Rowland Jones ist ein Solist aus Manchester. Rowland Jones macht Musik im Stil Americana, Acoustic & Blues. Rowland Jones hat seit der Präsentation am 11/10/2017 insgesamt 2 verifizierte Auftritte über Gigstarter bekommen.

Die Musik von Rowland Jones wird beeinflusst durch bekannte Acts wie Mose Allison, John Martyn, Jim Croce, Bill Withers. Diesen Einfluss hört man in Ihrer Musik bei Live Auftritten. Das Repertoire von Rowland Jones umfasst covers und eigene kompositionen.

Die Aufritte von Rowland Jones werden gut angenommen, aus 2 Rezensionen von früheren Buchern wird der Musiker bewertet mit 5.0 von fünf Sternen.

Rowland Jones hantiert einen Richtpreis von €150 - €600 als Gage für Auftritte. Berücksichtigen Sie die Apparatur, Entfernung und Spielzeit, die letztendlich die Gage beeinflüssen können. Scheuen Sie nicht ein Gespräch zu führen!