What does live music cost for an event?

Durch The Gigstarter Team am 10-03-2020

You want to hire live music for your event, but what exactly does that cost? We have created a handy list of information that you can use during your search for live music on Gigstarter!

Check the artists on Gigstarter

1. Check the price range on the Gigstarter profile

To start with, a price range can be seen on the Gigstarter profiles of the artists, set by the act itself. You will find this price indication at the top right of the profile. If you are offering far below the price of the artist, it will not come to a final booking most of the times. Every artist has a price!

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2. The type of act

Solo, duo, ensemble, DJ or band; the more artists involved in the performance, the more people have to be paid from the available budget. For example, some solo artists may be interested in playing for €200, but a six-member band is unlikely to play for the same budget. Especially when there are many other costs for the band, such as travel costs. But more about that later.

3. The length of the performance

Do you want an evening-filling program with live music, or a few songs played by the artist? These choices influence the price that the artist asks for his performance. Talk with the artist about the possibilities, in most cases the asking price changes if the duration of the performance is adjusted.

4. Sound and light equipment

Some artists want to bring their own equipment, but in many cases this has to be arranged by the booker themselves. Expect the cost of an act to be more expensive if they have to bring the sound and light equipment to the show themselves. Be well informed about what equipment is needed, in most cases the artists know perfectly what needs to be present to make your party a success.

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5. Travel expenses

The price for a performance almost always includes travel costs. In some cases, the ideal artist for your event is on the other side of the country. If these travel costs are too high, you can also look at similar artists on Gigstarter who are from your own region.

As you can see, a budget depends on many different aspects, but with these five points you tackled the most important items. Via Gigstarter you have direct contact with the artist, negotiate well with the artist about the costs and the budget. Gigstarter offers the lowest price because the platform does not request extra commission when booking. Have fun with the search for live music. If you have a question during your search, feel free to email us at info@gigstarter.nl. We are happy to help!

Check the artists on Gigstarter

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